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Haifa protesters released from police custody

An Israeli judge ordered the release of 19 Israeli-Arab protesters who were demonstrating in Haifa against the IDFs handling o

Gaza Protests

Arab-Israelis have called a national strike following the killing of 60 Palestinians in Gaza. Learn more about the fighting he

From Germany to Israel: The Canadian Jews who served their people twice

Many Jewish-Canadian servicemen who enlisted to fight in WW2 later fought in Israel's War of Independence

Lag B’Omer

Thousands of bon fires were lit throughout Israel as the country celebrated Lag B'Omer. Learn more about this holiday in my la

Despite ceasefire fighting continues in East Ghouta

Despite a UN ceasefire, fighting has continued in Eastern Ghouta where over 600 people have died in the last two weeks. Desper

Israel slips on the Corruptions Perceptions Index

Israel is seen as more corrupt according to the 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index. This is among ongoing investigations into P

Flare up along the Gaza Strip

Tensions flared up at the Gaza Strip over the weekend. Learn about what happened in my latest explanatory video.

Fiery address at the U.N. Security Council

President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday and called for an international peace conference to rea

The cases against Prime Minister Netanyahu

What are the cases against Prime Minister Netanyahu? Watch this to find out.

Israel Refugee Explanatory Video

Israel has begun the deportation for thousands of African migrants under a controversial policy.

East York real estate in strong demand

Despite the ups and downs of the Toronto housing market, demand for East York housing remains strong.

Hillary Clinton receives warm welcome in Toronto

Clinton was in Toronto on the first stop on the Canadian leg of her book tour promoting her new memoir “What Happened.” Sh

Canada urged to help the Rohingya in Myanmar

Local activists in Toronto are calling on Canada for help to end the ethnic violence against Rohingyas unfolding in Myanmar.